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Roof Whirlys







Available in two sizes:

240mm Whirly with base plate & grid  @ R1225.00 incl VAT 

500mm Whirly with trim ring @ R2365.00 incl VAT

Colours -   Silver, Green, Grey, Terracotta, Charcoal & Beige

 These ultra quiet, energy-saving roof ventilators draw heat out of buildings and reduce condensation.

They are very effective air-conditioners which Mother Nature pays to operate.

Our ventilators provide AFFORDABLE and EXTREMELY effective cooling & fresh air for every kind of permanent and temporary building.

They only need the lightest of breezes to run super effectively.

They do not need electricity and cost absolutely nothing to run.

These Whirlybird type ventilators are easy to install and come with a full set of installation instructions.  

Don't be fooled into thinking you are buying an inferior quality product when you find how affordable these roof turbine vents are.


This superior quality, affordable natural turbine ventilation solution is backed by a comprehensive 5 year guarantee that includes normal wear and tear.


The important quality differences are the following:

Two permanently lubricated and sealed ball bearings, not just one.

Have you been into a building where the turbine roof vents squeak? 

It is a known fact that superior quality turbine ventilators have not one but two permanently lubricated sealed bearings. 

The superior design not only ensures these roof vents don't squeak but they start up much more easily and run more freely. 

This makes the ventilation solution far more effective and prevents any risk of leaks.

Vertical vanes have distinct benefits over traditional vents as they provide:

  • Improved torque/power at low wind speed;

  • Better protection against rain;

  • Larger exhaust opening; and

  • Greater "sail" area to drive the turbine


Galvanized and aluminium whirlybird type roof vents are prone to dents from hail. 

Rigid plastic can chip and break in hail. 

The plastic used is a superior quality slightly flexible plastic with an excellent memory - these turbine whirly vents are made with bounce. 

This means they are unlikely to dent, chip or bend. 

Furthermore the plastic is heat and UV stabilized ensuring at least 10 years of hassle free operation.

We offer a unique totally corrosive proof turbine vent.

These standard superior quality roof vents are rust free and very corrosive resistant.

We offer a completely corrosive proof roof vent that carries a comprehensive 5 year guarantee

The changes include:-

  • the bearings have no metal at all; and

  • all screws, rivets and spindle are stainless steel and not aluminium / steel.

Apart from the comprehensive 5 year guarantee - these vents are completely serviceable and spares are readily available and inexpensive.

The color is IN the plastic - not painted

Attractive colors come standard in the top quality plastic along with the UV and heat stabilizers. 

Because these ventilators are not painted the superior quality wind turbines stay looking new. 

Standard colors are silver, green and terracotta. 

Black is available on request.

An added advantage of plastic is it largely theft proof as it contains no metal and therefore has little resale value.

Vents are designed to fit roof pitches from 0° to 45°

Embrace the GREEN Building Revolution and Breathe Life Into Buildings

Sustainable energy strategies, such as natural air ventilation systems, are becoming increasingly important in buildings.  

Natural ventilation in the form of roof vents allows a building to use as much as 60% less energy. 

Effective hot air ventilation systems also dramatically improve air quality and health for the occupants.  

Add international and government targets to reduce carbon emissions, and it’s easy to see why people are excited about this green building revolution.