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Available in (0.50mm GUAGE) IBR, Widespan & Corrugated profile cut to any length as per customers' requirements

COLORPLUS® brings modern innovation to pre-painted steel roofing - not to mention a range of colors that are as visually appealing as they are durable.COLORPLUS® is produced by a unique, efficient process whereby rolled steel is continuously hot dipped into 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon Alloy.


This patented coating protects the steel in two ways:

  • The Aluminium component of the coating provides a tough physical barrier between the external atmospheric conditions and the inner core of steel.

  • The Zinc in the coating protects the steel at cut edges.

Color that takes whatever the climate throws at it COLORPLUS® has been developed as a premium product to endure South Africa's harshest climates, ensuring your building will have a considerable increase in service life, superior thermal protection, added aesthetic value, cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly credentials.


Many years of research and development with our paint partners has resulted in a paint process that satisfies all the demands placed on steel roofing in the 21st century.


Innovative pigments used in the paint have been carefully selected to avoid rapid color change and retain a fresh appearance for many years. The technology used for this coating system also limits chalking.


Particle resistance is an important factor with the growing increase in windborne contaminants and dust.


Advances in pre-painted coating technology means that our modified polyesters resist dirt, ensuring your building stays cleaner for longer. With its balance between cost and quality, UV resistance and corrosion resistance, hardness and flexibility, COLORPLUS® is redefining the pre-painted coated steel sector.

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